I didn’t feel as thought I had seen enough castles in Cornwall so decided to take myself off for an afternoon trip to St Mawes Castle (which is actually classed as an artillery fort!)

Stunning St Mawes and Fort Facts

I navigated my way to the castle and parked in the large car park. The view from the car park over the River Fal is stunning and the views just get better as you walk up towards the castle’s entrance. You can see many boats docked and more sasailing by. It was sunny when I visited and this just added to the lovely scenery.

The castle is located in St Mawes and was built by Henry VIII back in the early 1540s. It has many gun platforms and was apparently built to operate in partnership against enemy forces with Pendennis Castle which is situated across the River Fal. I haven’t been to Pendennis Castle but hear it’s also a lovely place to visit with great views.

The castle is now owned by English Heritage and is open daily from 10am – 6pm. Entry costs £5.40 per adult to get in and Believe they offer family tickets for discounted entry. The price includes a audio guide which I highly recommend taking as it guides you through the castle room by room telling you all about the different goings on that would have happened many centuries ago. There is plenty of information on it (maybe too much for me to have listened to it all) and in each room there is a display board with number on to keep you on track.

Audio Geeking and a Pasty with a View

I really enjoyed wandering around on my own listening to the audio guide telling me stories of daily life at the castle in the days of Henry VIII and could easily imagine the experiences of the prisoners that were held captive there in the tower. The gun platform and bastions section probably has the most information and the views out through the slits in the walls are simply gorgeous. It was so pretty and peaceful I couldn’t quite imagine witnessing a huge cannon gun firing through to approaching enemies out on the river!

As well as ample opportunity for lovely photos of the historic building there is the surrounding outside section with flowers and more brilliant views. There weren’t very other many people visiting when I was there which was nice as I could walk around at my own leisure and take lots of pictures without people sticking their heads in my views! I did see a family with two young children who were playing with pretend swords which made me smile. I sat on a bench overlooking the river and at my lunch I had brought with me – a pasty with a view!

After finishing my lunch and taking a few more pictures I made my way back through the fort to the gift shop and exit. There are plenty of (in my eyes over-expensive) gifts and items you can uy relating to the castle, Henry VIII and English Heritage. I settled for a couple of postcards, handed my audio guide back and headed back to the car!

Like the sounds of St Mawes? Ever been? Drop me a comment below!

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