Best Friends and Golf

One of my closest friends Janna was in Cornwall having a family holiday. I met Janna when I from when I completed my undergraduate degree at Kent university in 2008 and we have been great friends since. When I found out she was in the county I was certainly keen to meet up!

Janna and her boyfriend Scott were staying with Janna’s family in Crantock, near Newquay. Nathan and I thought it would be a good idea to meet at Swanpool for a round of crazy golf and chill at the beach. Janna and Scott agreed to our plan and so after parking up in the large car park it was game on!


Crazy Competetion

Despite it being  August Bank Holiday Monday the crazy golf course was quiet and we were the only group on it for a good while. It seemed like most people were choosing to chill on the beach instead of getting their competition on playing golf! We played the 18 hole course whilst gossiping and catching up on what everyone had been up to. Nathan and I had our usual golf bet on – looser buys the ice creams and so the competition was rife as usual. I started off well and was in the lead, however as usual, despite a wobbly start, Nathan got into the game and a hole in one on the penultimate hole led to him winning the game by one point. One point!! Janna and Scott were clearly not used to playing crazy golf as much as Nathan and I were and didn’t do quite so well. Janna in particular had a rather interesting technique (sorry Janna!)


Swanpool Beach

After rerunning our clubs and balls and purchasing our ice creams we decided to try and find ourselves a spot on the beach. This was no mean feat! The beach was pretty rammed with holiday makers and sunbathers. Swanpool isn’t the biggest stretch of beach and so it did feel like people were rather all on top of each other – not my favourite way to spend the day. However we found a spot and sat enjoying our ice creams and cans of fizzy drinks. We talked some more and Nathan and I recommended some of our favourite Cornish places for Janna, Scott and family to visit during their time in Cornwall.

Nathan and I were due to go to Falmouth for his birthday treat – a chocolate afternoon tea at the Greenbank Hotel and so we had to leave Janna and Scott and make out way along the coast to Falmouth. We really enjoyed seeing Janna and Scott (and beating them at golf!) but didn’t rate the course or the beach all that highly. It feels like the golf course could do with a bit of a make over – a good lick of paint on the holes and some increased mainatence on the course. Not bad for £3 each though I guess. Swanpool isn’t a very sandy Bech as such, more gritty and was too busy for my liking. I couldn’t help but wonder why it was so busy – yes I know it was Bank Holiday Monday but I couldn’t understand why people were choosing to sit and stay there for so long when there are so many other nicer beaches nearby! Just personal preference I suppose!

You can read more about Nathan’s birthday Cholcoate Afternoon Tea here but clicking here.

Are you partial to a game of crazy golf? Ever make silly bets when you play competitive sports with your other half? Have you ever been to Swanpool – let me know if you agree with my review below!

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