Remember Remember the 5th of November

Sunday 5th November, bonfire night, saw myself and a group of fellow clinical psychology trainees head to Westpoint, Exeter for the Round Table’s 37th Charity Fireworks Display.

We had pre-brought our tickets (you can do this each year at selected local shops or online) for £6 each and after reading the event information online we decided it would be a good idea to get the bus being put on by Stagecoach to take people to the event. The ticket was £2 return from Exeter St David’s train station and picked up at a few other stops en route. Initially the bus wasn’t too busy and was moving at a normal speed but as soon as we got within a few miles of Westpoint we ground to a halt. And we stopped for an hour and a half! Yep the bus crawled along and around packed roundabouts before for finally dropping us off at the entrance to the fireworks, not long before they started! I think next year I’ll go in my car – at least I’ll be in my own space and can listen to the radio!

Chips, Hot Choc and Sweets

We had enough time to look around the food vans and I chose to get some chips and a hot chocolate. Again, like in Porthtowan the week before, the food was over priced and lacking in flavour and quality – I guess you pay for the connivence of getting some warm food and have to make do with what is there really. We all were a bit naughty and got some candy straws from the sweet stall which were £1 each for a huge cable/lace and made up for the poor chips!

There were quite a few fairground rides and arcade style game stalls but we didn’t partake in any – I think we were feeling  a bit old!

Before long the booming tannoy announced the fireworks would be starting soon (they were later than schedules, I assume as there were so many cars/buses queueing to get in). We did the countdown from ten and then the fireworks began!

Musical Fireworks

The display was amazing! Each year Sonic Fireworks accompany their display to music and this years theme was Disney: Be Our Guest. Yep, you guessed it – spectacular fireworks matched to the beat, lyrics and songs of Disney movies! My favourite was probably the circle shaped fireworks to the Lion King song “Circle of Life” and the display to Frozen’s “Let It Go” went down a storm with the younger crowd too.

The display went on for about 20 minutes and built to a tremendous finale. I was in awe of the display and loved it! I wasn’t the only one, with people of all ages oohing and ahhing at the lit up sky.

I would certainly recommend and go back again next year (minus the bus trip) and it’s made even better knowing proceeds go to charity.

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