I’ve been to Porthtowan beach tonnes of times – I live 5 mins walk away I’m lucky to say. However when I have gone to seek solace at the beach or have taken visitors to see the views I have always taken the path up to the right of the cove. Whilst the views from up there are stunning, I’ve often wondered what the road to the left of Porthtowan led to but hadn’t until today decided to find out what was up there.

On the way home from Wheal Coates and with a cheap pretend magnum ice cream in hand Nathan drove us up the steep, one way road. It took us past the lovely glass hotel and up to a rewarding view point. It’s quite funny as the road takes you to the top of the cliff and then just stops. You have to do a tight U- turn to turn around and come back down the road (I found myself holding my breath hoping nothing would come the other way). We enjoyed our ice creams, took in the view then made the familiar route home. I’m glad I can leave this lovely town of Porthtowan without thinking “what is up that road?!”

UPDATE Sept 2017 – I miss this place so much! I miss being near this gorgeous beach and being able to see it from my flat. I miss the shot walk to the shore and the steep climbs up the rugged cliffs. I recently saw on the news there was some sort of landslide from rocks falling off the cliffs and it made me wonder if I would have heard it from my house or have even been aware of the commotion! I can’t imagine the beach being cornered off and not being allowed on it – that would have sucked! A walk on this beach and a moment sitting on my favourite bench watching the waves is so what I need right now!!

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