I love camping! Well I thought I did! Until this weekend, when I realised I didn’t love camping as much as I thought I did!

I probably haven’t actually been camping for years, the last time was probably when I was a teenager. Our friends Carly and Paul were going camping for the night and so last minute Nathan and I brought a tent and air bed and joined them.

We went to Porth Joke (also known as Polly Joke) which is located between Crantock and Holywell Bay and is only 5 miles from Newquay. It’s a small coved beach which isn’t overly populated with tourists. There is a sandy track that leads you there from a small car park but luckily we were camping at Porth Joke Camping which meant we were camped in a field situated closest to the beach (about a 10 min walk max).


After pitching our new tent we all enjoyed a BBQ, couple of ciders and toasted marshmallows. It was a proper chilled night and a brilliant place to camp – back to basics but bliss. Good friends, good food and good vibes!


The only reason I say I don’t love camping as much as I thought I did was because of the sleepless night I had. After a scorching day the night was so cold and I couldn’t sleep for shivering (Nathan’s snoring didn’t help either!) Nathan and I really need to invest in some new and thicker sleeping bags for next time! After finally falling asleep I soon woke and thought momentarily that I was in an oven! The sun had come out and it was bloody scorching – cue an early morning and not much sleep at all!

Porth Joke Camping was £9 per adult per night and whilst amenities were basic it was clean, friendly and comes highly recommend.


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