It’s Wednesday, the sun is out and its been a long day at work – a beach BBQ is needed!

Cue Nathan rushing to get some sausages and us driving down to Port Quin. This place was recommended to us by Nathan’s Dad, Paul, and he drew us a small map to get there – cue Nathan taking all the wrong roads obviously!! We should have brought Paul with us in hindsight!

It was super quiet in Port Quin apart from a few families out crabbing and a few older couples having picnics on the rocks. We found a nice sheltered spot and enjoyed a burger or two (think there might have been some sausages too – we always tend to buy way too much meat which is naughty really as it just ends up going to waste which is stupid I know).


I’d say Port Quin is quite off the beaten track and there’s a steep one way road to get to it – luckily we didn’t meet any oncoming traffic but if we had I think it would have caused us some bother. There’s donation parking in the National Trust car park which I can imagine gets busy during the height of the summer. If you’re looking for a sandy beach this probably isn’t it given all the rocks but its a great place for a BBQ! I hope this is the start of the BBQ season and that there are many more to come! Having an impromptu BBQ on the beach is possibly my favourite pastime in Cornwall and I have so many nice memories of Nathan and I cooking sausages along the coastline – bring on more I say!!


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