Arghhhh me hearties! Ahoy there from Pirates Quest in Newquay! What a fun and different experience this attraction is! Read on for live pirate actors, Cornish shipwreck stories and my thoughts of the treasure trail!

A World of Pirate Legendry!

We visited Pirates Quest in Newquay, Cornwall on a wet, miserable day in February half term. We arrived and parked easily in the large car park opposite. Walking over to the brightly coloured entrance adorned with pirate flags and large skull and bones logo I wondered what Pirates Quest had instore for us!

After being greeted warmly by Jaimie on the ticket desk we were given our individual treasure maps. The maps had details of the adventure we were about to embark on and helpfully marked where photo points and clues would be. On the other side of the map there was a choice of three puzzles to be solved as we walked around. These included a cross word, looking out for different coloured parrots and finding letters to unscramble to make a pirate-themed word. The different quests are aimed at different abilities / ages but you can complete them all if you wish! You are told you will need to show your completed quest at the exit to claim some pirate booty! Game on!

Armed with our maps we made our way to the start of the tour. We weren’t quite sure what to expect and enjoyed looking around at all the pirate theme artefacts on the walls as other crew mates arrived. There were various other groups of people who joined us – mostly families with younger children.

Once we were all assembled (tours run every hour so it’s good to be on time) a video played introducing us to Pirates Quest and Captain Calico Jack. The Captain told us a little about what to expect from our trip and welcomed us on-board the shipwreck of Royal Anne!

Our Voyage Commences!

After the video finished the real-life Captain Jack appeared – this was rather amusing to some of the children who I don’t think they had been expecting it! Captain Jack took us on-board and guided us round on our voyage. The scene is set in the 1700’s and there is lots of reference to Cornish history, piracy and of course many shipwrecks. The live actors are brilliantly engaging and tell you myths of pirate days gone by and legends lost to sea. You even get to find out how Newquay got its name. I found all these tales pretty interesting to listen to and the actor did well at answering lots of questions from a couple of inquisitive young boys. I think he got his revenge when he put them in the stocks!

After exploring a few different areas Captain Jack left us and we were joined by another pirate – Edward England. He took us around a few more different areas including through mystical caves, smuggling coves and the Blackbeard Tavern – a traditional Cornish inn for a pint! Again, this actor was engaging and funny and liked to crack a few jokes with members of the group.

The Scare Section!

Towards the end of the tour you are asked to make a decision as to whether you want to enter the “scare section” of the tour or take the safer route. I won’t say too much about what the scare section involves as I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone but I think the suspense was worse than the scares! All the children on the tour opted to take the scare route and nobody came out crying so that was good!

Overall Review!

We really enjoyed our hour at Pirates Quest and found the live actors to be engaging, funny an informative at the same time. We found Jaimie on the desk to be polite and welcoming and the little shop well stocked with pirate themed blunder to purchase.

You can journey back in time and check out the new 2018 storyline – the golden age of piracy at Pirates Quest now! It’s super easy to book online and is a fun filled hour for all the family. I would really recommend visiting – especially if you have children and it’s raining in Newquay (which is often is!)

***Whilst our complementary tickets were provided by Pirates Quest all my thoughts and opinions are my own. Ticket prices can be found on the Pirates Quest website here***


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