I’ve visited Knightshayes in Devon a few times now but feel it is a place you can visit again and again and never get tired of. Click here to read what I thought the first time I visited – there’s a bit more history too! As National Trust members we can visit as part of our membership and park for free. It means we can visit Knightshayes every time there is a new exhibition or event. Last Christmas we visited and enjoyed the all the old-fashioned decorations.

Who Lives in a House Like This?!

The weather wasn’t so great on this March visit and so we took shelter in the grand house. I love walking around and admiring the opulence of the furnishings. Each time I visit I see something I haven’t noticed before. The volunteers are always so friendly and willing to talk about the history of the house.

This visit a few new rooms had been opened. Apparently, the National Trust is hoping to redecorate the kitchen areas which will be cool.

Lady Amory’s Life

There’s currently an exhibition relating to Lady Amory. I found it really interesting to read about her life and legacy on the estate. It was cool to hear about her love for the gardens and career in golfing!

After walking around the house and exploring the golf, gardens and guides exhibition we stopped at the conservatory tea room for a hot chocolate and slice of cake – very much enjoyed as always! The sun even came out and warmed the conservatory area which was nice!

Time for a Walk

The gardens are so lovely to walk around and explore. There are many paths that you can take to explore all the lush trees and flowers. The views across Devon are awesome too!

I really love the bushes that are shaped like dogs – very clever! There are lots of other animals that pop up too.

We enjoyed our impromptu trip to Knightshayes and I’m sure we will be back for another visit soon! I wonder what we will see that’s different and what cake we will treat ourselves with!

Have you ever visited Knightshayes? Do you have a favourite National Trust property? 

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