Drive in Movie

Ever since seeing the film Grease on TV as a kid I’ve wanted to go to a drive in movie. Finally this year I was able to realise that childhood dream and attend a drive in movie – even better, it was on the beach! Skylight Cinema is a company that owns and hires out a giant inflatable screen. Over the summer they put on outdoor film nights at a variety of Cornwall locations including Penlee House, Penzance, Truro Cattle Market and Newquay’s Dairyland Farm World. This year the company are charging £5 per person which I think for a classic film and alternative cinema experience is pretty reasonable.

Caerhay’s Beach Cafe

We arrived and parked up after showing the attendant our pre-printed tickets. We had a little walk across the car park to the Caerhays Beach Cafe which had some live music going on outside. The Cafe has a menu of tasty snacks and homemade cakes and Nathan and I got an ice cream – the one he owed me for loosing crazy golf at Poole Park! We took our Magnums down to the beach and admired the view.

Porthluney Beach

Porthluney Beach is privately owned and a relatively secluded beach. It’s sandy and has big dark rocks either side of the cove. The beach is located next to the Caerhays Estate, Castle and Gardens. Apparently you can visit the castle and its grounds but I think when we went past the entrance I saw a sign saying it was closed for the summer or something like that. It’s a nice beach though and we enjoyed watching the waves and the children throwing stones into the sea hoping to skim them.

Time for Jurassic Park

Before long it was time to make our way back to the car and get settled before the big film started. Nathan maneuvered the car so it was in a more central position and we made sure we found the right frequency for the sound to come though the radio. There were quite a few rows of cars but we could see without any obstructions. We put the seats down, got out the blankets and made sure the pic n mix was handy.

Obviously I had heard of Jurassic Park and I reckon I’ve seen various clips when it has played on TV during the Christmas holidays, but I don’t recall having ever seen the film the whole way through.

As I sat back and relaxed the film got into full swing and soon the sounds of angry, hungry dinosaurs were blasting though the radio. We had to wind down the windows occasionally as the car started to steam up and Nathan made sure to start the car’s engine a few times mid-film to ensure the battery didn’t go flat. Many other cars were doing the same and when we turned down the sound we noticed you could hear all the other cars around us.

A Different Experience

I really enjoyed the outdoor (but warm security of the car) movie experience. The screen was big and sound worked well through the given frequency. I enjoyed the film too and would like to go to another one of these outdoor screenings. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the fact I was a little cold and Nathan seemed to have a habit of saying the scripted lines from the film before they happened on screen – someones obviously seen Jurassic Park a few too many times I think!

Have you ever been to an outdoor movie event? What did you see and what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments box below!


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