So we visited Gwynver Beach when we went camping at Trevedra Farm campsite. You can take a path from the campsite through to the steps down to the beach. It’s quite steep but beautiful views await you as you clamber down to the shore.


Gwynver beach is situated next to Sennen beach and when it’s low tide you can walk from one beach to the other. Gwynver is only 150 metres long but it’s impressive and totally gorgeous. As it is hard to access due to the steep steps it wasn’t too busy and there was plenty of space for us to take a seat and watch the waves. We had a little paddle and ended up getting pretty wet as the waves started to come in. There’s nothing better than paddling in the cool Cornish sea when you’re hot and need cooling down. Even though I live in Cornwall I often feel like I’m on holiday when I stumble across these stunning beaches.



The steps back up are steep and we had to take a few breaks to ‘admire the view’ given it was so hot and therefore sweaty! As much as I loved the beach I don’t think I would rush back if I had to do that walk again! There is also a sign that tells you to beware of the adders as it’s an adder breeding ground – slightly unnerving – especially when Nathan’s walking in front of you shouting  “snake” every two minutes!


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