A Date at the Cattle Market

So a night at Truro Cattle Market might have sounded like an odd date night proposal, however we weren’t going to see any cattle – we were off to another of Skylight Cinema’s drive in movie nights. We pre-booked our tickets online to see The Guardian which were £5 per person – the same price as when we previously saw Jurassic Park at Caerhays Beach.

We arrived at the Cattle Market nice and early so we could get a good spot centrally infront of the screen. We needed have rushed or arrived early though as the place was pretty much empty! There was one other car parked up and so we casually parked nearby and got our drinks and pic n mix ready. As we waited for the film to start we were joined by another two or three cars but that was it – certainly a much quieter and less popular screening than Jurassic Park! I wondered if this was because the location wasn’t as glamorous or whether it was the choice of film that didn’t appeal to the masses.

The Guardian

I had seen The Guardian a few years ago and enjoyed it and was more than happy to go and see it again on the big blow up screen. The film stars Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner and was released in 2006. The film centres around Kutcher’s character who is a high school swimming champion who enlists in the U.S Coast Guard school to train to be a rescue swimmer. Costner’s character is a  former rescue swimmer and teacher at the school and the film goes on to tell the story of their journeys. I think it’s a really good film with lots of drama and a good story line. I enjoyed seeing it for a second time knowing the gist of the story but not recalling how it ended so that helped!

Drive in Movie Experiences

I have really enjoyed my two drive in movie experiences with Skylight Cinema – they are reasonable priced and have had a good range of films and locations of all to enjoy. Jurassic Park definitely had more of an atmosphere as there were lots more cars but The Guardian was equally enjoyable – to be honest once your settled in your car with the radio on and your sweets in hand you forget where to are and whose around! I hope to attend many more drive in movie events next summer 🙂

Have you ever seen The Guardian? What did you think of it? Been to any of Skylight Cinema’s events this summer? Let me know below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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