Finally Finding the Local Beach

I’ve live in Devon for a few months now and have been out exploring, but had been yet to visit the nearest beach – Exmouth. We took the drive to Exmouth beach for a few hours and we we weren’t the only ones seeking a spot of fresh air and walk.

The 50p Challenege

We parked up in one of the various car parks along the Exmouth stretch of beach and saw the Exmouth Leisure Amusements from across the car park. We turned to look at each other and I knew then the 50p challenge would be on! We went into the nearly empty arcade and got ourselves some coins from the change machine. We played the 50p challenge, although we had so many 2p’s I think it was actually the Β£1 challenge! The challenge is pretty simple – you out all your 2p’s into the slot machines and see who can get the most out of the machines. The winner is the one with the most at the end, when they run out of all their original 2p’s. I’m glad to say I won πŸ™‚

Amusing but at Times Irritating Amusements

After the 2p challenge we still had lots of coins to spend (waste) and we spent a while trying out all the different machines, including the sweet grabber one, bingo and various different slot machines. We also spent ages frittering away money on the large grabber machines attempting to win some cuddly toys. These were the ones that were super fun but annoying as we often came so close to winning one but the toy would slip out of the grabber at the last moment! Luckily we wont two smaller hanging car toys – an angry bird and a minion – although I doubt they were worth the copious amount of money we put in!

Stroll Along the Beach

After deciding we couldn’t possible spend more time at the amusements and waste anymore money we went for a stroll along the beach. It was pretty chilly and late afternoon was approaching but there were plenty of people on the beach, walking, talking and eating naughty things like ice cream and chips!

I was excited to see the sea but a little disappointed at it’s colour – it was rather dark and murky and didnt feel like the blue deep seas I was missing from Cornwall. It was nice to get some fresh air though and see a new part of the coast. We returned home for a lovely home cooked roast dinner – a pretty perfect Sunday!

Ever been to Exmouth? What did you think of it? Ever taken on the 50p challenge?!

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