We had such a busy day in Torquay and really crammed in lots of fun! Our first stop was a visit to Bygones – an interesting family-friendly attraction which transports visitors back in time through the Victorian Era and World War II. Our next stop was Torquay’s Dinosaur World where we immersed ourselves in fun dinosaur exhibits and quizzed our way around. After all this fun we needed some lunch and came across Asteys Cove Cafe right on the beach of Asteys Cove. The food was good but the views were even better! Click the links above to see my separate posts on these places.

A Bustling Harbour

Between visiting Torquay’s Dinosaur World and Asteys Cove we took a walk around Torquay’s harbour. I can see why they call it the beautiful English Riviera – in the sunshine the harbour looked beautiful with the boats and the sea glistening.

The harbour was bustling and busy as it was the Sunday midway through the school’s Easter holidays. It did make finding parking a little tricky!

Golf, Gardens and Ice Cream

Later in the day Nathan and I partook in a competitive game of adventure golf at Jungle Journey Golf. Whenever we play crazy golf we always place bets on who’s going to win and agree that the loser buys the ice creams. Unfortunately, I lost this game (just) and so we went on a hunt for ice cream.

We took a walk through some lovely and well-maintained gardens and found an ice cream kiosk by the seafront. Even though it was now about 6pm the kiosk was open and we were able to treat ourselves to a double scooped cone with a flake. We took our tasty ice creams back to the gardens and sat on a bench admiring the views. It was so peaceful here and a really lovely place to stop for a rest and enjoy our ice creams!

Final Thoughts

I had never visited Torquay before although had heard lots about it. I think I had a bit of negative perception of it given what I had heard from others. However, Torquay really surpassed my expectations and we had a great day. We were able to explore some fun, family-friendly attractions and enjoy the lovely views of the harbour, beach and gardens. I hope to return to the English Riviera soon and explore more of this beautiful part of Devon.

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