A trip to the circus you say? Yes please! We were invited by Paulos Circus to review their ‘Creating Memories 2018’ Tour and really enjoyed the show!

Circus Time!

I think, at the grand old age of 28 that this was my very first visit to the circus! I really don’t have any memories of going to one before but in case I did, I apologise to my family if they did take me! Given I hadn’t been to the circus before but had heard many things about them over the years, I wasn’t too sure exactly what to expect. I was hoping for a big circus tent, lots of entertainment and some tense, mouth-dropping moments. Luckily, Paulos Circus provided me with all of these!

We arrived at Darts Farm in Topsham and parked easily – there’s a big field with tons of room. I was very excited to see it was a real big top circus tent and we collected our tickets easily. As it was a Thursday night it wasn’t too busy when we arrived and we were able to choose from plenty of seats. It certainly filled up as we got closer to the show time though, so I would recommend arriving early if you want seats close to the front.

There were popcorn, cider and fizzy drinks on offer and we couldn’t resist a bag of tasty popcorn to munch on whilst we watched the show. There’s no interval or breaks during the show so you have to buy these bits should you want them before the show starts – always good to know I think as when you go and see a show you don’t want to be caught out when you realise there’s no interval so you won’t be having an ice cream. This has definitely happened to me before – devastating!

Let the Show Begin!

The show started with some face paced stunts from Los Sanchez – a trio who take on the wheel of death and tease you, leading you to believe they are going to fall off! It was pretty impressive to watch them run around, jump and leap over the giant wheels; I couldn’t stop thinking “but what if they fell?!”

Next came something just as nerve-racking to watch – knife throwing! This was entertaining to watch but I’m glad I wasn’t the lady having to spin on a wheel whilst having knives thrown at me! James Bond eat your heart out for sure!

Laserman was up next which I think was both mine and Nathan’s favourite part of the show. The lights were super colourful and bright and timed perfectly to some foot tapping music. At one point I did think I might need to put my sunglasses on through as the lights were so bright! So if you have sensitive eyes like me maybe bear this in mind! It was quite hard to take pictures of the lasers and lights as they moved so quickly so do excuse some of the blurry pics!

Next, we met Mr N, a friendly, funny chappy who you meet several times during the show. He enjoyed getting a young lady up from the audience to bring her on stage –so if you’re not up for a bit of audience participation then pick your seat wisely! Mr N was pretty funny, got quite a few laughs, especially from the children who found his dancing very comedic!

As if that wasn’t enough there was juggling and an aerialist who performed a beautiful routine high up on a hoop. I wasn’t able to get any decent pictures of the hoop act but it really was quite a sight to see Ms Aurelie dangling, swishing and swopping through the air on an LED rainbow hoop!

All of the acts are introduced by the fab ring master who gets the audience going and has a funny sketch with Mr N which made us laugh. We enjoyed the Michael Jackson throwback too!

The show ends with a brilliant finale involving the return of Los Sanchez who balance themselves, a chair and a bicycle on a tightrope – no mean feat I don’t think! This was the perfect way to end the show and get the audience feeling nervously excited. It definitely added a real sense of drama and I could hear children gasping in terror/awe all around me.

Final Thoughts!

For £7 per person, I think Paulos Circus is a great show and fun for all the family. There’s entrainment to suit all ages and lots to keep children gripped and amused. The costumes and makeup were brilliant and the loud, pumping music really get the audience going too. The show lasts about an hour and 15 minutes and is fun and entertaining.

Don’t let your children be like me and get to 28 years old having never been to the childhood tradition of the circus!  Take them to witness the magical spectacle that is Paulos Circus and I’m sure they won’t forget it!

Paulos Circus will be down in Newquay, Cornwall for the rest of summer until September 8th so be sure to go check it out! Check out their Facebook page for dates and further info!

*** Our tickets to see the show were provided to us by Paulos Circus free to charge in return for this blog review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own***

Have you ever been to the circus? What’s your favourite circus act to watch? Let me know in the comments below!


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