Bringing the Past Alive and Experiencing Days Gone by at Bygones, Torquay

Bringing the Past Alive and Experiencing Days Gone by at Bygones, Torquay

After looking at the Bygones website and seeing the range of exhibits they display I knew I was going to like Bygones. However, what I didn’t know was that after visiting, I would love Bygones! There is so much to see – you could honestly spend hours there reading all the historical information and looking at the detailed displays. Come with me and step back into days gone by…

Bringing the Past Alive

Bygones is a family run attraction in Torquay, Devon. Inside the unique museum you can learn how Bygones came to fruition and all about the 27 tonne railway engine that started it off! I found the story quite entertaining and enjoyed seeing pictures of the huge steam engine being put inside the old building! On arrival we met Richard who currently runs Bygones. Richard was super friendly and knowledgeable and gave us a warm welcome.

Shop Like Our Ancestors

After entering Bygones you step straight into the Victorian Era and are greeted by a large model of Queen Victoria. She sits centrally in her throne, reigning over a life-like street of Victorian shops.

You can walk around the multiple shop fronts and peer inside to see what goods are being sold. Shops on the street include a post office, bakery, general store, apothecary and my favourite the sweet shop! I loved looking inside the shops and seeing the old fashioned items on display – it really was like stepping back in time.

Inside the toy shop there were rows and rows of old fashioned wooden toys, dolls and teddy bears. I can imagine that if I’d of been visiting with older family members they would have recognised a few things! The sweet shop boasts shelves full of big containers full of sweets from days gone by. There are also old Cadbury chocolate bars – a firm favourite of mine today.  In the apothecary you can see potion bottles and pill boxes and even pots for leeches that used to be used to suck  the blood of unwell patients!

A Taste of Victorian Life

A glimpse into Victorian life is provided by realistic models and mannequins. You can see a traditional Victorian bedroom layout, a very old bath and the children playing in their nursery with their nanny.

If you like mannequins and dolls then there are plenty of them at Bygones. There’s a collection of very real looking dolls and dolls houses which hold incredibly detailed mini furniture.

Nathan and I enjoyed wandering through the public house and seeing all the old beer bottles and kegs. They just don’t make pubs that look like that anymore!

Visiting the Dentist and Going to Prison!

As we moved upstairs, we were met with the dentist! Now I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the dentist and so the lifelike scene of a person having their teeth extracted was not my favourite! Nor was the automated voice recording of the patient sitting in the chair! I swiftly moved past this section to admire the kitchen scene with old fashioned stoves, vacuum cleaners and even a cucumber straightener which I found rather amusing! I wonder why they don’t make those anymore!!

Bygones even has its own prison cell so visitors best behave! The prison cell is home to Babbacombe’s John Lee who was apparently imprisoned for murdering his boss. Information provided in the cell tells us John was sentenced to be hung in Exeter back in 1885. The tale goes that he wasn’t actually hung in the end but remained incarcerated for the next 22 years.There’s quite a lot of local tales and documentation on John and he is well known as the “man that couldn’t be hung”. You can read more about him here if you’re interested!


One of Nathan’s favourite parts of our journey through Bygones was the steam train and station area. Here, you step into a station booking office and wait on the platform with WWII evacuees. As part of the railway exhibit  visitors can explore and find out more about ‘Patricia’ the steam engine and even climb aboard to have a closer look.

Following the railway theme is the ‘railwayana’ section of the museum. This is heaven for train enthusiasts and incorporates twenty eight feet of working model railway. The model railway was actually under construction when we visited but you could still see the excellent existing display. I have been following the construction on the Bygones Instagram page.

Bygones has its own café should you fancy some refreshments on your visit. The café is set up like a train station and is adorned with railway memorabilia. Here, visitors can treat themselves to a wide selection of drinks, cakes, sandwiches and even a cream tea should they wish!

Penny Arcade

If you’ve read my recent post from visiting Exmouth, you will know Nathan and I like to visit the arcades and waste our money playing on the 2p slot machines and competing against each other in the 50p challenge. We were delighted when we came across the section full of old fashioned arcade games at Bygones – some of which were over 100 years old!

We were even more impressed when we found out we could change our modern day money into old pennies and have a play on some of the machines. We even won chocolate bars out of some! We played retro table football, traditional ice hockey and original pinball type machines.

Of course we couldn’t resist the grabber machines and came home with various lollies and quite a few bouncy balls! Nathan even has his fortune told – I wonder how true it will turn out to be! We spent quite a while in this section of the museum and had lots of competitive arcade fun!

Live Like a Solider

Dragging ourselves away from all the fun in the arcade, it was time to get a bit more serious and enter the world war displays. Here, there’s lots of information on the different bomb shelters and war time life. Visitors can enter a WWI trench to imagine what it would have been like to be solider in France in 1916.

There are so many exhibit items relating to the world wars and British history so history buffs would feel right at home here! There’s medals, uniforms, ration books and military memorabilia. A big display also shows information and artefacts relating to shipping and the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O). I couldn’t help but burst into an impromptu rendition of “Royal Britannia” at the sight of the ship captain’s uniform and hats.

Fun in Fantasy Land

After reflecting on war time Britain and thinking about all the lives that were lost,  it was time to enter a totally different land – fantasy land! This is a wonderful, magical moving display which showcases famous landmarks and building from around the world. There are various buttons to press that make the model light up and move – it’s really a pretty sight to see!

And There’s More!

There is so much more to see at Bygones and lots I haven’t mentioned as I don’t want to ruin the experience for those hoping to visit. It’s hard to sum up such a unique and interesting attraction in a short blog post!

We finished our visit by exploring the extensive gift shop which if full of old fashioned memorabilia and fun souvenirs. You can buy retro mugs and tins, original coins and wartime prints. There’s puzzles, posters and stationary bits. We treated ourselves to some homemade crumbly fudge and and the all important postcards!

You can check out the Bygones shop catalogue and keep up to date with the various events they run over the school holidays on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Bygones recently ran an Easter egg event over the school holidays and offers a Victorian Christmas experience in December. I think visiting at Christmas time and seeing a Victorian Santa would add an even more magical touch to a visit.

Final Thoughts

We loved it at Bygones and really enjoyed the range of exhibits. I feel like I learnt things about the past and imagined how life would have been for my ancestors many years ago. I love attractions and museums that both entertain and educate you. I like the fact Bygones added to this and made us think and reflect on life as we know it.

Big thanks to Richard for welcoming us to Bygones and for providing us with such a fun and unique visit – we’ll be back!

*** Whilst entry to Bygones was provided to us free of charge, all comments and opinions are entirely my own***

Have you ever visited Bygones? What did you think? What exhibit do you think you’d like to visit most? Let me know in the comments below 🙂






The Perfect Countryside Stay at Manley’s B&B, Devon

The Perfect Countryside Stay at Manley’s B&B, Devon

Manley’s B&B is the perfect place for a tranquil, comfortable and lovely stay. I cannot recommend a nights stay here more highly! If you like nature watching, stunning views, lovely hosts and a bountiful breakfast then read on!

A Warm Welcome

Manley’s is situated in Sampford Peverall, which is a village situated in Mid-Devon. Sampford Peverall isn’t far from the more well known town of Tiverton and is situated on the banks of the Grand Western Canal.

Nathan and I arrived at Manley’s on a sunny, Spring Wednesday afternoon and were immediately impressed as we turned into the long driveway leading down to the B&B. The B&B itself is a large detached house and offers two rooms.

We were warmly greeted by Merry, who was such a lovely and friendly host. Merry showed us round the B&B and to our fabulous room. The B&B offers two rooms – the Heron room and the Kingfisher room – very aptly named due to abundance of birds that can been seen in the garden. Merry showed us around the room, including the ensuite and left us with keys to both the room and the front door.

The Heron Room

The room was amazing – really spacious with a king sized bed. I loved the position of the bed and the little alcoves in the wall either side of the bed – perfect for a cuppa tea and your book! The decor in the room was calming and I really liked the teal colours of the chairs, cushions and curtains. Even the picture above the bed had the same shades of teal on – someone had done some good colouring matching indeed! I think this just shows the attention to detail Merry obviously pays to her rooms and service which is great.

We had a large ensuite which included a bath and a large separate shower. Plenty of flannels and towels were provided and some nice little toiletries too. As with the room the ensuite was immaculate and nothing was out of place – I didn’t see a speck of dust anywhere! I think it’s nice to have the option to have either a shower or a bath when you are away – quite the luxury.

The room had plenty of storage space for those that need to hang clothes and a well stocked compliments tray. There was also a flat screen 32 inch TV which had all the channels we needed and catch up TV too! The TV was a smart TV so we took the opportunity to watch the Scrapbook Adventure youtube channel on the big screen! There is also free wifi available which is something lots of travellers look for when staying somewhere these days.

We didn’t see the Kingfisher room but I have seen pictures of it on the Manley’s website and it looks equally as spacious and well decorated as the Heron room. You can check out some pictures of it here.

Guests are also welcome to use the lounge area which is well stocked with board games.

Grand Western Canal Views

As if that room doesn’t sound amazing enough, combine all of that with the most stunning garden and views too. The room is south facing and boasts gorgeous views over the large, well maintained garden, and further to the Grand Western Canal and countryside. I don’t think I have ever stayed in a B&B that offers such lovely views.

As it was a rare sunny afternoon in March, once we had unpacked our bags we took the opportunity to talk a walk around outside. The garden includes a lovely big lawn, cute summerhouse and plenty of bird boxes and feeders.  Nathan and I enjoyed walking through the gardens, admiring the fresh daffodils and the huge log store that my Dad would be very envious of! Situated at the end of the garden is the Grand Western Canal and the views are stunning. The canal meanders through beautiful Devon countryside between the towns of Tiverton and Lowdwells which is near the border of Somerset. The canal is just over 11 miles long and we saw plenty of dog wakers and runners using the adjacent canal path.

If you like wildlife then this is a B&B for you! Whilst in the garden we saw lots of lovely trees and blossoming flowers as well as rabbits and plenty of birds. There is even an owl box which Merry told us had recently had a owl inhabiting it. You can see the pictures the owl nesting on Manley’s Facebook page. Imagine chilling on a summers evening in the glorious summerhouse and watching the wildlife go by – sounds perfect to me!

Breakfast Fit for Royalty

Both Nathan and I slept so well! The bed was really comfy and we were nice and warm. It was so nice waking up to the beautiful views of the garden and canal – even if the weather had turned a little more miserable.

We were rewarded with the same beautiful views over breakfast. Breakfast is served in the dining room and was set up perfectly. Merry greeted us warmly and invited us to help ourselves to cereal, fruit and yoghurt. There was a couple of fruit juice options and tea was brought to us in teapots. Merry was keen to ensure we had slept well and promptly prepared our full English breakfast.

We had ordered the breakfast the night before by simply filling out a form stating what breakfast items we would like. This was left in the hallway by the stacks of local leaflets and maps for guests to peruse. I’ve read before on websites like Tripavdvsor that some people don’t like having to order their breakfast the night before, however I have no problems with it. I think it means I know what to look forward to in the morning and ensures the owner has time to get all you have requested. I also think it allows the host to get get started with preparing your breakfast and means you aren’t left waiting for ages once you have ordered – this suits me find in the morning when I’m hungry! I also think, that if this makes it easier for the owner then that’s fine with me!

After enjoying a great selection of fruit salad, yoghurt and muesli, our full English breakfast arrived. It was nicely presented and very tasty! The portions were more than adequate and filled us right up! After our full English we had croissants with a variety of jams – as you can imagine our bellies were very satisfied! In fact we didn’t really eat again until much later that afternoon, so it really did keep up full for ages!

We were the only ones staying at the B&B and so we had the dining room to ourselves. This enabled us to to admire the views and talk to Merry about herself and the B&B and find out more about Manley’s. Merry told us that she has hasn’t been running the B&B very long. I was really surprised to hear this given the quality of the rooms, breakfast and Merry’s hosting.

Final Thoughts

I really can’t recommend Manley’s B&B and Merry enough. We experienced the perfect mix of great hosting, stunning views and a generous breakfast. Manley’s is located amid a tranquil and relaxing setting that’s perfect for nature and wildlife lovers. Sampford Peverall seemed like a nice village to explore and there is easy access to many of Devon’s best loved attractions and countryside. Merry (and her husband Peter who we met briefly) were friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Manley’s to anyone who fancies a short break or night away in Devon – it’s the perfect escape. I think it is also really well priced at £70 a night as there is everything you need and more. We would love to return one day!

*** Whilst our stay was provided to us on a complimentary basis, all thoughts and opinions are my own***

Cheese, Cheese and more Cheese at Cheese Fest, Exeter

Cheese, Cheese and more Cheese at Cheese Fest, Exeter

I’ve never been to a Cheese Fest before but I knew to expect cheese! However, I don’t think I appreciated quite how much cheese there was going to be!!

Cheese Fest Exeter

We went to Cheese Fest on a very cold and snowy day in March.  The events are hosted by Cheese Fest UK, who travel around the county encouraging people to attend their “amazing cheese spectacle”.

We arrived at the Matford Centre, Exeter, parked easily and joined the queue to enter. Cheese Fest UK offers ticketed slots for their festivals to ensure they don’t get too busy and people get a chance to look around the stalls and try the cheeses without having to wade through crowds of people. We went to the 2-4pm slot and although it was still busy, it wasn’t annoying and we didn’t have to push our way to the front of any queues to try the cheese samples too much!

You can check out the Cheese Fest website and their upcoming events here. Tickets can be brought online and start at £5.

So Much Cheese!

Inside the Matford Centre were lots of exciting stalls full of different and exciting cheeses to try. All the stalls were offering free samples and were happy to talk to us about their cheeses, how they were made and where they came from. The cheeses came from all over the UK and I was pleased to see the Cornish Goulda Co there whose cheeses I have tried many times!

Some of the stalls had such awesome looking displays; some of which featured some of the biggest cheese wheels I have ever seen! One stall was even selling cheeses that looked like a cross between a bath bomb and Christmas decoration! They even had glitter on them too!

Aside from cheese stalls there were plenty of other offerings available to try and buy. There was a beef jerky stand, turkish delight stall, bowls and bowls of tasty looking olives and a vendor selling the best looking cheesecakes. I had to really restrain myself from taking a variety of cheesecake slices home!

There was a good atmosphere at the festival, people seemed to be having a genuinely good time. Many people (including me) were singing along to the live band playing on the stage.

Time for a Cheesy Treat!

As well as a bar inside there was a handful of street food vendors outside selling hot food. On offer was lots of tasty cheese related food including brie baps, mozzarella sticks and posh cheese toasties! My friend Jenny opted for the classic Canadian dish poutine – chips covered in gravy, topped with cheese curls. My friend Charlie and I settled for some halloumi fries which were so delicious! We had to wait quite a while for them as the stall appeared very popular. Drizzled with sweet chilli sauce, sour cream and topped with spring onions and pomegranates they were heavenly and luckily worth the wait! We ate them back inside the centre whilst watching Sean Wilson (aka Martin Platt from soap Coronation Street) doing a cooking demonstration.

Actor Sean Wilson makes his own cheese and doing both the cooking demonstration and promoting his cheeses from Saddleworth Cheese Co. He was super friendly and chatted to people in the audience whilst he cooked a giant yorkshire pudding filled with roast beef and gravy and created a fruit and cream flan. Once he had made the food he served it all and put it at the front of the stage for people to dig into. And dig in they did, with their hands! Sean let us Corrie fans know that he was returning to the soap at the end of March so I vowed to watch out for him!

Cheesy Delights

We left Cheese Fest after  spending a good two hours sampling cheeses and milling around the stalls. I treated myself to a Triple Chocolate Indulgence Cheese from the Great British Cheese Company. Yes I did say chocolate cheese! This might sound odd to those that haven’t tried it, however it’s actually a winning taste combination in my eyes! It was the last one the company had to sell so I believe it was meant to be that I brought it!

With bellies full of cheese and feeling happy and satisfied we made out way back to the car – not before nabbing a bag of free cheesy popcorn for later!

This was the first time Cheese Fest UK had come to Exeter and it seems like it was a roaring success. The place was busy, buzzing with cheese lovers and many stalls were selling out of cheeses by the time I had arrived. I’m sure Cheese Fest will be back to Exeter next year – and I’ll be there too!

For more cheese loaded pictures take a look at Cheese Fest UK’s Instagram page!

A Cream Tea Cruise with Stuart Line Cruises, Exmouth

A Cream Tea Cruise with Stuart Line Cruises, Exmouth

On our second trip to Exmouth saw Nathan and I board the Tudor Rose for a cream tea cruise with Stuart Line Cruises. Stuart Line Cruises is a friendly, family run and well known company based in Exmouth, Devon. They operate various passenger boats from Exmouth seafront setting sail in this beautiful county and have been doing so for nearly 50 years. Their famously large and colourful boats are a popular sight in Exmouth and attract many visitors each year. The team offer lots of different tours including a River Exe cruise, day trips to Sidmouth and a 3 hour Jurassic Coast Cruise. The winter months offer no rest for the Stuart Line Cruises team as they offer guided bird watching cruises and even special festive trips where children can sail with Father Christmas!

A Cream Tea Cruise

Nathan and I love cream teas and exploring so when we were given the option to combine the two and attend a cream tea cruise from Exmouth there was no doubt we would accept! The cream tea cruise was running on various days throughout the winter and we chose a 12.30pm Sunday sailing to climb on board. The date also happened to be Mothers Day so there were quite a few families treating their mums to the trip!

All Aboard The Tudor Rose

After picking up our reserved tickets from the ticket office located near the dock we boarded the Tudor Rose –  a large beautiful river boat that was originally build on the River Thames in London. The Tudor Rose was built in 1979 and holds up to 125 passengers. The trip was busy however I was glad it wasn’t full to capacity!

We took our seats upstairs, right at the front of the boat. This gave us brilliant views throughout the trip and enabled us to see into where the Captain was steering the boat and providing us with the commentary. It was quite a cold and chilly day in March and so I was pleased to find blankets on every seat for us to keep ourselves warm. This is such a nice, simple touch which really added to the experience for me.

Not long after setting off and sailing out of Exmouth we were approached by a lovely member of the team who asked for our drinks order. We both opted for a good old cuppa tea. Shortly after ordering we were presented with hot mugs of tea and individual trays with pre-made scones ladened with cream and jam. What a treat! As we were sitting upstairs at the front of the boat we were served first – so sit there if you’re hungry when you board!

The scone was delicious and plentiful and the hot tea was greatly appreciated as it helped keep us warm! There was quite a bit of wind out on the river and so it helped to warm up my hands (which I needed for taking photos!). I love how the tea and scones were brought to us- we didn’t even need to leave our seats!

Exmouth from the River

Despite the bleak winter weather there were some lovely views on this cruise. These accompanied by the detailed and interesting live commentary from the Skipper made for a very pleasant journey. We were told about the different towns we passed and about wildlife that could often be seen. I only wish the weather had been a little better as we probably could have seen more and not been quite so cold. Saying that, we did have the option of sitting downstairs in the heated lower part of the boat but where is the fun in that!! I think if there had been some sunshine my photos would have been more impressive too!

The cruise lasted for about an hour and half which to be honest was more than enough to see the sights, experience the fun of the boat and eat our yummy scones. The approach back to the Exmouth dock is really interesting as we had only seen it from the other side of the beach previously! We passed Dawlish Warren too which is on my list to explore one day soon. There were plenty of people in private boats and canoes to wave to should you wish and everyone on board was really friendly having had a good time. There are toilets on board and a bar should you wish to buy basic food and drinks. As well as the various exciting trips they run, Stuart Line Cruises offer private charter of their boats which can be hired for parties and events. Now that would be cool!

Tickets for the cream tea cruise are normally £11 for adults and £8.50 and you can find out more about the cruise details and booking here. You can also follow Stuart Line Cruises on Instagram here and check out the latest sailing information on their Facebook page here.

** Whilst tickets for the Cream Tea Cruise were provided to us on a complimentary basis by Stuart Line Cruises, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this blogpost are my own.**

Have you ever been on a cruise like this? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!



BE Indulged Spa Package Experience at Beyond Escapes, Devon

BE Indulged Spa Package Experience at Beyond Escapes, Devon

Beyond Escapes: A Touch of Luxury

I was invited by Beyond Escapes to sample their Indulgent Spa Package at their brand new BE You Spa in Totnes, South Devon. The onsite spa is located in their new, luxury holiday resort. There was no hesitation in accepting the kind request and once I was booked in, I looked forward to visiting the spa and indulging in the package for weeks!

Beyond Escapes (BE) Devon recently opened in February 2018 and is situated in the beautiful Devon countryside just outside of popular Totnes. Beyond Escapes is a holiday resort and offers accommodation that includes Chic Studios, Deluxe Lodges and smart apartments. Some of the accommodation even offers your own private hot tub – I for one would love that! I can imagine nothing better than staying in a luxurious lodge and having a glass of bubbly whilst chilling in my private hot tub admist the Devon countryside – what’s not to like about that idea!?

There’s stunning views from the spa including some that stretch down to the Torbay coastline. I can imagine this would be the perfect place for a summers holiday with friends or family – I’ll have to keep it in mind next time I have friends visiting.

BE You Spa

Whilst I have been to a few spas before and had various massage treatments, this was certainly one of the best!

The BE You Spa offers a range of treatments – all the way from a relaxing lava shell full body massage to lip and chin waxing! There is also a list of facials for men on offer which I’m sure the men in our lives would enjoy! The spa offers three different types of spa packages ranging from £75 to £95, all of which sound relaxing and such a treat. There is a bridal choice too for brides looking for some indulgence before the big wedding day. I had the ‘BE Indulged’ Spa package and cannot recommend it enough! The package included the choice of an Elemis Swedish full body massage or Elemis superfood Pro-Radiance facial. I opted for the Swedish massage as have had massages before and found them really relaxing; I’m also not sure about facials – maybe it’s the thought of having to take my make up off in public! The package also included full use of the spa facilities (which were ace), a welcome drink on arrival and a £10 voucher towards spa products. As if that wasn’t enough, the package also included an afternoon tea in the BE Tempted Restaurant which is situated in the same building as the spa. What a treat this was going to be!

A Full Body Massage

After enjoying my welcome drink of a posh cloudy lemonade I was taken to one of the clean, calm treatment rooms for my massage. My beauty therapist was called Samantha and she was lovely and welcoming. She had noticed on my registration and health check form that I had noted I can suffer with claustrophobia. Samantha took care to ensure I felt comfortable in the treatment room and offered to adjust the temperature of the room. Samantha made me feel really at ease and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying my full body Swedish massage with the Elemis frangipani monoi oil. I chose this oil as I liked the subtle fragrance of it which I enjoyed throughout the massage. The massage lasted 55 minutes which passed so quickly! I really enjoyed the massage and zoning out to the relaxing spa music. This I could really get used to! At the end of the massage Samantha gave me a booklet with all the beauty products and massage oils and recommended some she felt might be good for my muscles and to relax in the bath. Samantha also presented me with my £10 voucher towards products.

Afternoon Tea Delights

After enjoying my massage it was time for my afternoon tea. This was given to me in the BE Tempted Restaurant which again has lovely views out over the countryside.

The afternoon tea was presented on a three tiered stand and looked simply delicious. There was a selection of finger sandwiches, a scone with cream and jam and various tasty little cakes.

I have indulged in quite a few afternoon teas in my time, but have never eaten one alone! This made it quite a different experience, but I was so chilled from my massage that I continued to enjoy the peace and quiet and chatted to the friendly waiting staff.

Time to Chill

After devouring the delicious afternoon delights and drinking lots of water as advised by Samantha it was time to head downstairs to the spa. I was shown around the facilities and told I could use a key card to use the lockers in the changing room.

The spa facilities were lovely. There was a sauna and steam room (neither of which I could stay in for too long  – I get a bit hot and worry about feeling funny! I did watch a man sit in the sauna for a couple of minutes and then go to the cold shower, he repeated this a few times  – I decided this looked far too hard core (if a little bit mad) for my liking!

I really enjoyed using the foot spas. I’ll let you into a secret – I love having my feet tickled or massaged and so this was a treat for me! I must have sat in one for a good 15 minutes – lucky the spa wasn’t too busy and no one was waiting for them!

I spent some time in the relaxation room – this consisted of four beautiful mosaic loungers and views outside to the vitality pool. I enjoyed laying back in my robe and reading a magazine. It’s not often you get to take the time to stop and relax and just chill. Whilst at times I felt like it would have been nice to have experienced the spa with someone else, it was nice to immerse myself in pure solo relaxation and take some me time without having to worry about talking to anyone!

After chilling in the relaxation room, I moved outside where there were some lounger chairs and a bubbling vitality pool tempting me in. It was so nice to go from the fresh outside air to stepping into the warm pool’s water. There were lots of jets in the pool which created a lovely bubbling massage effect all over the body. Lounging in here and admiring the countryside views was perfect! It wasn’t too busy either so at times I had the pool all to myself! Beyond Escapes is set in such a peaceful, green and tranquil location – I really appreciated how quiet it was when I was relaxing in in the pool!

After spending a really relaxing few hours at the spa and enjoying my massage and afternoon tea it was time for me to get dressed and depart. I left the spa feeling so chilled and relaxed and sure I would return another time soon! Thank you to all the awesome staff at the spa for making me feel so welcome and for such a lovely, relaxing afternoon!

**Whilst the BE Indulged Spa Package and visit was given to me on a complementary basis, all the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own**

Have you ever been to a spa? What’s you favourite treatment or spa facility? Let me know in the comments below!



Overnight Stay at Wonderful Woodford Bridge – 02.02.18

Overnight Stay at Wonderful Woodford Bridge – 02.02.18

Woodford Bridge Country Club is part of Diamond Resorts and is located in Milton Damerel near Holsworthy. It is a beautiful part of North Devon and somewhere I hadn’t been before. It’s quite a drive to get to the country club’s location – quite a few windy country lanes but once you’re there is peaceful and pretty.

Woodford Bridge is an old historic coaching inn built in the 15th century. It has a beautiful thatched roof and lovely light yellow coloured exterior – I thought it was beautiful! Woodford is home to various suites and rooms and there are a set of 1 or 2 bedroomed lodges where visitors can enjoy a self-catering stay.

Suite in an Inn

I opted to stay in one of the suites – I got an amazingly cheap last-minute deal on and was not disappointed!  Checking in was welcoming and easy and the inn had a really nice feel to it. My room was lovely – it was a good size with large bed and en-suite. The room had all I needed in it plus more – it had a TV, DVD player, microwave, mini fridge, safe, lots of cups, glasses, cutlery and crockery plus a sofa and arm chair. It was really hot in the room when I arrived so they clearly don’t scrimp on the heating bills! I needed to turn the radiator off and open the little windows to get some fresh air in. Rather somewhere be hot than cold though!

The bathroom was nice too – it had a large bath with shower head over it and some nice smelling complementary smellies. I had a nice warm bubble bath whilst enjoying a cider brought from the bar downstairs – luckily the rooms also have bottle openers which was handy!

Takeaway Dinner

For dinner, I opted to get a takeaway meal from the restaurant and bar in the inn. There were quite a few menu options and I chose an old favourite of scampi and chips! The food didn’t take long to arrive and I was able to take it back to my room to enjoy in front of the TV – perfect!

The resort offers lots of evening entertainment plus activities for the children to enjoy during the day. It also boasts a large gym, swimming pool and sauna for those that wish to use these facilities. There’s also a pool table, playground and walks to enjoy around the lodges. There is a charge for Wi-Fi which is the only thing that was slightly disappointing. I decided not to pay for it – sometimes it’s quite nice to be disconnected from it all but if I had been there longer I think I would have liked to have been able to contact family / friends, especially given I was staying there on my own and there was no mobile phone signal.

The room rate I got didn’t involve breakfast so I left just before checkout time at 10am the next day. I had a day exploring at Clovelly Village to crack on with so I was pleased with the good night’s sleep I had got!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here – especially given the last minute small price I paid! The staff were friendly, room was nice and clean and I had a relaxing evening. I would certainly recommend staying here and hope to return one day!


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