After spending the morning visiting nearby Charlestown I decided to go onto Carlyon Bay. I had heard this was one of the nicest beaches in the St Austell area and so was keen to see it for myself.

Carlyon Bay a Busy Beach

I parked up at the car park which is a huge expanse of gravel with a man sitting at the entrance taking your car parking fee. You then have to walk down quite a number of steps till you reach the beach. There are various wooden food outlets serving beach food and drinks and space to play frisbee golf (whatever this is!).

The beach was quite busy so I walked along until I could find a space where I wasn’t too close to anyone else. There’s nothing worse than wanting to admire a view or chill on the beach when your right next to a sweaty sunbather or loud group of teenagers. It isn’t quite a sandy beach as such, more of a gritty sort of sand, not so soft underfoot as many other Cornwall beaches. The view is nice and there were plenty of children building sandcastles and people bodyboarding in the waves.

Nap Time

I admired the views and had a lie down which ended up being a half hour nap! Nothing better than feeling the afternoon sun on your skin and listening to the sound of the sea to send you off to sleep!

Feeling refreshed, yet slightly surprised I managed to sleep for a while on such a busy beach I made my way back up the steps and along the path to the car park. Apparently Carlyon Bay is part of a rejuvenation project where there is set to be a large development. This is due to include a housing estate and lesiure centre.

Have you visited Carlyon Bay? What did you think?

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