Blogging Inspiration

Whilst I really enjoy blogging my trips and adventures, I also like to read other peoples blogs. I mostly enjoy reading blogs that are of a similar theme to mine – travel blogs and people who are sharing their travel experiences and adventures. I love reading about other countries and interesting places fellow bloggers have visited and learn a lot about different cultures, climates and foods from around the world. I pick up lots of travel tips and inspirational ideas of where I would like to visit – my travel wish list is now longer than ever! I also really enjoy reading posts from local bloggers – those from the UK and those who are based in the South West of England. These give me ides of places I can more easily visit and travel to as they are more local and so therefore more attainable and importantly affordable!

Keya’s World

When looking for interesting and cool blogs to read I stumbled across Keya’s World. Sabrina is the blogger behind Keya’s World and her blog showcases her creative talents and offer insights into her world of travel through her amazing sketches.  I was really attracted to Sabrina’s artistic blog as her watercolours and sketches were breathtaking and I really recommend checking out her work.

Borrowed Memories

Whilst exploring the blog in more detail I noticed Sabrina’s post entitled “Borrowed Memories”. I was intrigued by this title and carried on reading. The premise of the post is all about Sabrina starting her first blog parade where Sabrina was asking for bloggers to leave links to their blog posts and social media accounts. This was with the aim of her choosing some ‘borrowed memories’ from other bloggers’ adventures that Sabrina could sketch.

A Very Exciting Email

I was so delighted to receive an email from Sabrina a few weeks ago letting me know she had chosen to feature one of my blog posts and that my sketches were attached. I was so excited to open them and wasn’t disappointed!

Sabrina chose to sketch some pictures from my National Trust Cotehele post. Sabrina described how she had lived in Cornwall for a short period when she was visiting a summer school in Torquay and had visited Cotehele with her parents. Sabrina said my post and pictures of Cotehele and its glorious gardens reminded her of a beautiful summer. I love that this has become a shared memory with Sabrina and the sketches are simply stunning  – they really capture the essence of the place and I love them!

Sabrina also chose to feature a coupe of other bloggers memories in her first blog parade post which you can read all about here. They include memories from Europe and a classic English cuppa. I want to thank Sabrina for choosing to sketch memories and thank her for including me!

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