I lived in Porthtowan, minutes from the beach, for over two and half years however never got to see their annual fireworks display for November 5th. The first year I lived there I went home to Kent the weekend they were on as it was my little sister’s 18th birthday party so I missed them. The second year I lived there I had to go to Nathan’s Gran’s birthday meal so missed them again!

This year, despite leaving Porthtowan back in September I was determined to go back and finally see their fireworks. I’m so glad we made the effort to go – they were awesome and even better they were free!

Heading Back to P-Town!

The display was on Sunday 29th October which did seem a bit early for fireworks but I guess it was only a week before the 5th November and it did mean I could go to a second fireworks show at Exeter WestPoint. Everyone was in the fireworks spirit and was wrapped up in their winter clothes and wooly hats.

It did get quite busy, and parking looked like it was a bit of a nightmare with the road in and out being blocked. Luckily we had the foresight to get there early and parked up near where I used to live (this also gave us the chance to have a little nose around to see who had moved into my old place!)

Dinner at the Beach Cafe

As we were early we stopped by the Porthtowan Beach Cafe for some food. There were no tables left inside and had to wait quite a while to order at the counter as they were so busy. We both chose to have a beef burger and chips, along with a hot chocolate. In total the bill came to £20 and was, in my eyes, a bit of a rip off! I know the cafe was busy but the burger wasn’t that special and the chips were rather lacking in flavour and quantity –  they didn’t match the high price tag unfortunately and I did end up leaving quite a bit of it all. A bit disappointing really.

The fireworks certainly made up for the food though. My good friend Nel arrived just in time for us to have a quick catch up before walking down watch the show outside the Blue Bar (who put on the show). The fireworks lasted quite a while, and considering they were free, I thought they were excellent! I’m such a big kid when watching them though – I couldn’t help but ooh and ahh throughout!!

Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of the fireworks so this post looks a little bare! However I can assure you they were awesome!

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