Overnight Stay at Wonderful Woodford Bridge – 02.02.18

Overnight Stay at Wonderful Woodford Bridge – 02.02.18

Woodford Bridge Country Club is part of Diamond Resorts and is located in Milton Damerel near Holsworthy. It is a beautiful part of North Devon and somewhere I hadn’t been before. It’s quite a drive to get to the country club’s location – quite a few windy country lanes but once you’re there is peaceful and pretty.

Woodford Bridge is an old historic coaching inn built in the 15th century. It has a beautiful thatched roof and lovely light yellow coloured exterior – I thought it was beautiful! Woodford is home to various suites and rooms and there are a set of 1 or 2 bedroomed lodges where visitors can enjoy a self-catering stay.

Suite in an Inn

I opted to stay in one of the suites – I got an amazingly cheap last-minute deal on booking.com and was not disappointed!  Checking in was welcoming and easy and the inn had a really nice feel to it. My room was lovely – it was a good size with large bed and en-suite. The room had all I needed in it plus more – it had a TV, DVD player, microwave, mini fridge, safe, lots of cups, glasses, cutlery and crockery plus a sofa and arm chair. It was really hot in the room when I arrived so they clearly don’t scrimp on the heating bills! I needed to turn the radiator off and open the little windows to get some fresh air in. Rather somewhere be hot than cold though!

The bathroom was nice too – it had a large bath with shower head over it and some nice smelling complementary smellies. I had a nice warm bubble bath whilst enjoying a cider brought from the bar downstairs – luckily the rooms also have bottle openers which was handy!

Takeaway Dinner

For dinner, I opted to get a takeaway meal from the restaurant and bar in the inn. There were quite a few menu options and I chose an old favourite of scampi and chips! The food didn’t take long to arrive and I was able to take it back to my room to enjoy in front of the TV – perfect!

The resort offers lots of evening entertainment plus activities for the children to enjoy during the day. It also boasts a large gym, swimming pool and sauna for those that wish to use these facilities. There’s also a pool table, playground and walks to enjoy around the lodges. There is a charge for Wi-Fi which is the only thing that was slightly disappointing. I decided not to pay for it – sometimes it’s quite nice to be disconnected from it all but if I had been there longer I think I would have liked to have been able to contact family / friends, especially given I was staying there on my own and there was no mobile phone signal.

The room rate I got didn’t involve breakfast so I left just before checkout time at 10am the next day. I had a day exploring at Clovelly Village to crack on with so I was pleased with the good night’s sleep I had got!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here – especially given the last minute small price I paid! The staff were friendly, room was nice and clean and I had a relaxing evening. I would certainly recommend staying here and hope to return one day!

Exploring Exmouth – Beach Walks and Arcades – 14.01.18

Exploring Exmouth – Beach Walks and Arcades – 14.01.18

Finally Finding the Local Beach

I’ve live in Devon for a few months now and have been out exploring, but had been yet to visit the nearest beach – Exmouth. We took the drive to Exmouth beach for a few hours and we we weren’t the only ones seeking a spot of fresh air and walk.

The 50p Challenege

We parked up in one of the various car parks along the Exmouth stretch of beach and saw the Exmouth Leisure Amusements from across the car park. We turned to look at each other and I knew then the 50p challenge would be on! We went into the nearly empty arcade and got ourselves some coins from the change machine. We played the 50p challenge, although we had so many 2p’s I think it was actually the £1 challenge! The challenge is pretty simple – you out all your 2p’s into the slot machines and see who can get the most out of the machines. The winner is the one with the most at the end, when they run out of all their original 2p’s. I’m glad to say I won 🙂

Amusing but at Times Irritating Amusements

After the 2p challenge we still had lots of coins to spend (waste) and we spent a while trying out all the different machines, including the sweet grabber one, bingo and various different slot machines. We also spent ages frittering away money on the large grabber machines attempting to win some cuddly toys. These were the ones that were super fun but annoying as we often came so close to winning one but the toy would slip out of the grabber at the last moment! Luckily we wont two smaller hanging car toys – an angry bird and a minion – although I doubt they were worth the copious amount of money we put in!

Stroll Along the Beach

After deciding we couldn’t possible spend more time at the amusements and waste anymore money we went for a stroll along the beach. It was pretty chilly and late afternoon was approaching but there were plenty of people on the beach, walking, talking and eating naughty things like ice cream and chips!

I was excited to see the sea but a little disappointed at it’s colour – it was rather dark and murky and didnt feel like the blue deep seas I was missing from Cornwall. It was nice to get some fresh air though and see a new part of the coast. We returned home for a lovely home cooked roast dinner – a pretty perfect Sunday!

Ever been to Exmouth? What did you think of it? Ever taken on the 50p challenge?!

New Years Afternoon Tea at the Thurlestone – 01.01.18

New Years Afternoon Tea at the Thurlestone – 01.01.18

Happy New Year!

After spending a lovely relaxed New Years Eve in our Air B&B accommodation and exploring the beaches of Torcross and Strete in the morning, it was time for us to head over to the Thurlestone Hotel for a treat!

We had booked to have a festive afternoon tea at the hotel and we were not disappointed! We were shown to our reserved table and sofas in the lounge and took a excitedly took a seat. The festive decorations were lovely.

We were soon greeted by our waiter and asked what sort of tea we would like and if we were ok with having some cranberry fizz – errrr yes of course we were! (It was super tasty!)

Our drinks came promptly and we sat back and enjoyed reading the local magazines and newspapers on offer, whilst listening to all the families and guests who were obviously staying at the hotel for a New Years Break (lucky them!).

Starting the Year Right!

Not long after our drinks arrived our afternoon delights appeared – and what delights they were! We had a selection of sandwiches, including a festive turkey and cranberry sauce one, and the traditional scones with clotted cream and jam. The top tier of the cake stand was filled with little cheesecakes and macaroons to try and there was also a chocolate pot which was probably my favourite – I’m such a chocaholic!

We have been to quite a few afternoon teas together now and this was up there with the rest – tasty, good selection and a nice relaxed atmosphere. The only problem was we couldn’t eat it all!!

We didn’t get a chance to visit the beach at Thurlestone as it was getting dark when we left but I’ve heard from a friend that it’s a lovely beach so we will have to head back here another time soon!

Have you ever been for an afternoon tea? What’s your favourite part? Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you! 

New Years in South Devon – Kingsbridge, Torcross and Strete!

New Years in South Devon – Kingsbridge, Torcross and Strete!

Air B&B Getaway

I like nothing more than getting away with my favourite person and celebrating New Years snuggled up in the Devon Countryside sounded like a great offer to me! So this is what we did! We stayed in a lovely Air B&B in Kingsbridge called the Stables and it was perfect for out one night stay. It had loads of space but was cosy and comfy too. There was a well-equipped kitchen which we used to make ourselves a nice meal accompanied by some champers.

We stayed in, the winds hollowing at the windows, and played games including draughts and monopoly. We must be getting old as we were falling asleep by 11pm and were wondering how we would make it till midnight to watch the fireworks! We did and toasted to another healthy, happy year together in 2018 🙂

Exploring Torcross

After bacon buttys and clearing up we took the short (but rather flooded) journey to Torcross. We parked up and walked along the seafront admiring the views.

It was pretty chilly but there were loads of other people out taking in the fresh air and going for a NEw Years Day walk. We walked back on the other side of the road through nature reserve bit and took in the views over the lake.

It was really nice to walk along and contemplate the new year – what we wanted to achieve and what we were looking forward too. I enjoyed the hot flask of tea when we returned to the car too!

There’s also a big war tank to have a look at!

Lunch at Strete Gate

We drove further along the coast and stopped of at Strete Gate Beach for some lunch. We had packed a picnic and so enjoyed this whilst overlooking the beach. There was a family playing bowls which was quite amusing to watch. We didn’t have enough time to go for a wander here as we needed to get to Thurlestone in time for our afternoon tea but it looked like a lovely beach for a walk.

How did you spend New Years Eve / Day? Let me know in the comments box below! 


A Trip to Coleton Fishacre – 31.12.17

A Trip to Coleton Fishacre – 31.12.17

Our Last National Trust Trip of 2017

We planned a few weeks ago to visit South Devon for New Years Eve and had booked ourselves some self-catering accommodation with Air B&B in Kingsbridge. As we were going to be away for the weekend and visiting a new part of the county we thought we best check out the local National Trust properties and see what we could find. What else would we do on the last day of the year, having visited so many National Trust places this year!! SO before heading to our accommodation in nearby Kingsbridge we stopped off at Coleton Fishacre.

A 1920’s Retreat

Coleton Fishacre (this name seems odd to me for some reason!) is a 1920’s house and is located in Kingswear, Devon. It is a large opulent house situated in lush gardens with views out to sea. Apparently there are plants from South Africa, New Zealand and the Med and lots to explore. We didn’t get much opportunity to walk around the gardens as we were pressed for time (and it was super cold) but I bet they would be great for a walk around when the weather warms up!

The house details the story of the D’Oyly Carte family and is Art Deco in style.  There’s lovely views form inside out over the gardens.

Coleton at Christmas

Coleton isn’t open much in the winter months (it is now January and closed) but it opens for Christmas and each year there is a different theme of decorations. This year the house was decorated for a 1920’s Christmas party and the rooms were decorated with impressive dresses and party decorations – posh!

I really enjoyed seeing all the many bedrooms in the house and follow the story of everyone getting ready for a grand Christmas party – it made it even more realistic given it was NYE and lots of people would be getting ready for celebrations.

There’s also Coleton Aglow which is where the garden is lit up over the festive period and visitors are invited to follow a route adorned with fairy lights around the gardens. Apparently there were disco balls shining through the trees and the ponds were lit with colourful lights illuminating the water. We weren’t here at the right time to go on the walk (it wasn’t dark etc) but I reckon this would have been lovely to have seen – maybe next year!!

A Quick Treat

Lunch was long overdue and so we stopped off at the cafe onsite to have a bite to eat. I still had some money left on my NT voucher my sister gave me for my birthday so our treat was even better as it was free! Nathan had a hot dog with onions and a luxury hot chocolate whilst opted for a sausage roll and a elderflower fizz to drink. It was quite busy in the cafe but we were able to grab a table and enjoy our eats. Shout out to my big sister Sarah for the NT voucher – I very much enjoyed using it! MMM YUM!

Wrap Up

I really enjoyed our visit to Coleton, it was fun to see the house open and decorated with a festive theme of which we could get into and imagine (you could have dressed up if you had wanted to!). It was quite busy when we were there but you could see everything and it didn’t feel overcrowded. I would love to visit again next year and see what the theme is then and also see the gardens all illuminated as I imagine this is pretty special.


Have you ever visited Coleton or any other National Trust places? What’s your favourite? 

Crediton Christmas Carols – 21.12.17

Crediton Christmas Carols – 21.12.17

Being a Local

I’ve lived in Crediton, Devon for a couple of months now but I feel like I’m still settling in and it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. However I thought it would be good to be a local and get a bit festive by attending the local Christmas Carol Sing a Long in the town.

Down to the Square

I was joined by a less enthusiastic Nathan who didn’t feel he was in the Christmas spirit at all and wasn’t too keen to sing carols! However we walked down the road to Crediton Square and joined quite a crowd of people gathered round the orchestra (Crediton Town Band) and choirs singing carols led by the local Priest.

A Christmas Vocal

We popped a few pound into the charity bucket and got ourselves a song lyric sheet. Now we were ready to sing! We sung a couple of carols and it was really nice to join in with the orchestra and choirs amongst the Christmas lights in the trees and local people of my new home town. Even better the money raised from the event would be going to the local branch of Age Concern which is a worthy cause in my eyes.

Ready for Din Dins

After all that singing and festive cheer we were ready to mosey on back down the highstreet to get some dinner. We settled on a Wetherspoons tea and I enjoyed a curry which certainly enhanced my cold!!


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