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My name’s Rachel and I love to scrapbook! I recently moved from living in Cornwall to Devon to embark on my doctoral training to become a Clinical Psychologist for the NHS. When I’m not working or studying I like to plan adventures, explore and make memories.

I’m originally from Kent and have lived in various counties across the South of the country over the last few years. As you’ve probably guessed a favourite hobby of mine is scrapbooking – I have made countless scrapbooks of holidays, events and adventures I’ve been on. Whilst I love doing this it’s timely and costly and recently I’ve just not had the time to make them. I decided it would be cool to create my scrapbooks online so I can easily post what I’ve been doing and pictures of where I’ve been. I also thought it would be cool to be able to share these adventures with those that know me and maybe even those that don’t!

The basic plan is to share my adventures and any holidays I’m lucky enough to go on and one day I can look back and see them all.

Please feel free to comment on any of the posts – I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you think about the places I’ve visited, whether you’ve been to them too and what you thought! Feel free to also share any of your favourite adventures, give me ideas about cool places to explore and any tips for exploring too!

Lots of love and happy adventuring!

Rachel xxx



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Recent Posts

Autumn Walks at Cardinham Woods – 05.11.17

Lets go Down in the Woods Today Cardinham Woods are located two miles from the Cornish town of Bodmin and is an area full of beautiful nature. There are walking and cycling trails to be enjoyed and lots of trees and woodland to admire and explore. The woods are...

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Round Table’s Exeter Fireworks Display – 05.11.17

Remember Remember the 5th of November Sunday 5th November, bonfire night, saw myself and a group of fellow clinical psychology trainees head to Westpoint, Exeter for the Round Table's 37th Charity Fireworks Display. We had pre-brought our tickets (you can do this each...

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Back to P-Town for the Porthtowan Fireworks – 29.10.17

I lived in Porthtowan, minutes from the beach, for over two and half years however never got to see their annual fireworks display for November 5th. The first year I lived there I went home to Kent the weekend they were on as it was my little sister's 18th birthday...

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Beautiful Bedruthan Steps – 29.10.17

On the Wish List I've wanted to visit Bedruthan Steps for ages and so on an October weekend return to Cornwall, Nathan and I decided to head to the well-known spot and see what all the fuss was about! When we arrived the Carnewas at Bedruthan National Trust car park...

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Broadclyst & Clyston Mill – 22.10.17

After spending the morning at Killerton we decided to drive a few minutes up the road to the village of Broadclyst where Clyston Mill is located. Broadclyst is about 5 miles from Exeter and appeared quaint and quiet when we visited.     The...

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